gray cat with black eyes staring up into the camera

Calendar Session – Olivia Kicks Off the Cats



Olivia: Isn’t she gorgeous? She’s a young cat, still not even a year old! We had lots of fun playing during her photo session.






It was easy to get Olivia’s attention. She wants to explore everything that moves! The hard part was keeping her still. I had to be ready and waiting when she slowed down for a moment! She did like to perch on this chair, which was lucky for me.




This action shot is a little more representative of what taking pictures of Olivia was like! She was constantly hunting the things around her, and taking cover under squishy pillows.




Eventually we wrapped her up in a blanket, and she stayed put for a few moments. I love this look of defeat! We got you, Olivia! Can’t wait to see you again!

Olivia will be featured in the upcoming 2016 cat calendar. You can pre-order yours today, and you’ll be supporting cats all across Washington!

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