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Lara Grauer, PPA Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) Serving The Seattle Area Since 2008.
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Installation Of Family At Richmond Beach - Installation By Seattle Professional Photographer Lara Grauer

Commissioned Artwork

Imagine a jaw-dropping display of your loved ones in your entryway. What if you could have an artist come to your home and capture your family where they’re happy? Or maybe you could photograph them outside in their favorite park for a lively and energetic feel? Wouldn’t you love to get heirloom portraits with big impact that reflect your family members for who they really are? 

Your privately commissioned portrait session will involve a high level of personal service, and a satisfaction guarantee. Design and creativity are major components of a portrait session with Lara Grauer Photography. We’ll choose a place that’s special to you, and plan a photography session that not only highlights your loved ones the way you see them, but also fits fabulously into your home. The goal here is to produce a beautiful and unique piece of decorative art work that you will display with love and pride.

It’s All In The Details

Our products range from simple gifts to exquisite mixed media art pieces, with prices starting from $225. We’re really proud of the quality of our finished, delivered work. Here’s a high-resolution sampling of some our custom printed work.

Lara & Art: It’s not work if you’re doing what you love

Professionally we’re Lara and Art but our friends know us as Art and La. We’ve been joined at the hip since high school. We’re proud parents of two kids, a dog, and a guinea pig. La loves photography and Art supports her in all her endeavors. We love what we do and we have a ton of fun doing it.

Lara Grauer

CPP Certified Professional Photographer

Self Portrait Of Lara Grauer Laughing, PPA Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)

Art Grauer

Photographer's Assistant

Here’s How it Works

Step One: We’ll get together to dream about your perfect portraits, and all the ways you might wish to display them. Then we’ll develop a plan for your custom work, covering topics such as color choices, display placement, framing, and design. I offer heirloom art in sizes that are sure to have an impact. Explore products including a captivating mixed-media oil painting, an original fine art print in a sleek frame, a classical canvas display, and more.

Step Two: We’ll meet up to take your photographs at a location where our vision can best be brought to life. You can show up to your commissioned portrait session with confidence because I understand what’s involved in working with you. In my many years as a professional photographer, I’ve come to understand the patience and the skills that are needed to create stunning photos. I will arrive ready to connect with your family, and create a fun environment where everyone can relax and let their best self shine. That is what I’m after. When your photos are done, your family’s personality will shine through like never before. I want you to have gorgeous and sincere portraits of your family, just the way you see them. The duration for your session will depend entirely on the plan we develop in Step One. Sometimes it’s an hour or two in a single location, sometimes it’s a few shorter sessions over the course of a few days. Multiple outfits are welcome.

Step Three: You’ll relax for a week or two while I edit and prepare your images for viewing, and then we’ll meet once more to view the images and make your final choices together. I’ll present the images from your session, you’ll shed a tear (or shriek with excitement), and you’ll make your purchasing decisions!  We’ll talk about how the images fit into the ideas we discussed together at your consultation, and if you want, I’ll make some recommendations so that you can make your choices with confidence. After that, I’ll get to work finalizing your portraits with detailed editing and retouching, and then I’ll assemble your order. When it’s ready to go, we’ll make delivery arrangements.

All through the process, you’ll have open access to me via phone and email. The portraits you purchase will be kept safe in my archives for future reference.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

For session questions or booking info and availability, please complete the form below and we’ll get in touch right away.

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