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Seattle Area Professional Headshots

Headshots are often your first chance to make a good impression and when it comes to making connections, first impressions are huge. Image is everything. Don’t let your camera phone decide what the world will see – leave it to a professional to have it done right. If you need corporate headshots for business use, profile photos for social media, acting headshots, or portraits for any other purpose, we can help. We are Seattle based and serve the entire Seattle metropolitan area. We shoot in-studio or on location which saves you time – we’ll come to you!

“Hiring a professional photographer to shoot headshots of you and your team is a responsible – and reasonable – investment… In the end, after having worked with a skilled photographer, your headshot is more than a file you can upload to LinkedIn without feeling sheepish. It is another, essential, part of your marketing and communications toolkit.”

Elizabeth Eames, If You Are a Business Owner, You Need a Headshot – From a Professional,

Lara & Art: It’s not work if you’re doing what you love

Since we’ll be doing your headshots, you might want to know a little bit about us. Professionally we’re Lara and Art but our friends know us as Art and La. We’ve been joined at the hip since high school. We’re proud parents of two kids, a dog, and a guinea pig. La loves photography and Art supports her in all her endeavors. We love what we do and we have a ton of fun doing it.

Lara Grauer

CPP Certified Professional Photographer

Self Portrait Of Lara Grauer Laughing, PPA Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)

Art Grauer

Photographer's Assistant

Our Professional Headshot Package

Our Professional Headshot Package is straight-forward and results in very high-quality headshot portraits without a lot of fuss. We’ll chat on the phone about what you want for your portrait, and choose a location in the greater Seattle area that suits your needs and schedule. You can come in to our studio or I’ll bring my portable studio equipment to use as needed. Payment for your portrait package is due at the time of booking.


  • Standard session
  • Portraits photographed in-studio or on location, where you’re at your best
  • A casual portrait session specifically tailored to your needs
  • Choose your two favorite shots
  • Option to purchase more
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Professional hair and makeup available for an additional fee
  • $450

Are You A Small Business Owner?

Do you want portraits of all your employees? Schedule a Professional Headshot Package, and we’ll photograph each employee one after another.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, then get in touch by filling out the form below.

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I’ve actually never had a set of professionally shot headshots done. I was “That Guy” for sure, with a selfie that I took in my kitchen back in Chicago roughly ten years ago. Since then, my “headshot” has typically been a selfie, usually funny, probably poorly photoshopped. How bad? What can I say? What can…

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I love taking pictures of people who are willing to sit back and trust me to get pictures of them looking their best. This is a photo of Scarlett Ramey (CEO at Ramey Nutrition) that I took for the Inside Out project. I had a fun time playing with lighting and stretching myself to produce something…