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Headshots, Headshots Everywhere!

We’ve been doing lots of headshots here at Lara Grauer Photography lately. Maybe it’s the time of year or maybe folks are just looking to clean up their online brand. Either way, we’re really good at doing headshots, and we have fun doing them. We specialize in headshots and we thrive on the, “Oh my gosh!” reaction to our work. If everyone is getting headshots, who really needs one, and why?

Who Needs Good Headshots?

Everyone. Glad we got that out of the way.

We’re all on social media, we’re all writing blog posts. We’re all doing online dating, opening online stores, participating in neighborhood forums. We all have a profile on Linkedin or or wherever else. We’re actors, we’re real estate agents, we’re lawyers. We’re all regular folks that, in this day and age, are always this close to something really big and we need the tools to make it big and to be ready for when we do. We all know this, that’s the easy part.

So we grab our phone, open the camera, extend our arm way the heck out, and take a selfie. Bang, done, that’s a headshot. Or we have a friend take a photo of us. Headshot done, cross it off the list. No way. Don’t sell yourself short. That’s just not good enough. Here’s how good it can be, here’s the difference.

The Professional “Before & After” Difference

We recently did a Headshot session with Renee Smith, an Auction Event Planner in Seattle. Renee’s headshot was in need of a refresh and for this round of headshots Renee came to Lara Grauer, a professional photographer, to capture her headshot.


Previous headshot photo of Renee Smith
Before: This home-grown photo has its positive features: It’s properly exposed, it’s in focus, and the background is subtle and complementary.


Current headshot photo of Renee Smith, by Lara Grauer
After: Lara’s headshot of Renee is well lit, taken from a flattering angle, and cropped to give Renee “room to breathe” within the frame. The presentation is clean and professional, and Renee looks relaxed and comfortable.

More Than a Thousand Words

I could go easy and ask, if you were Renee, which image would you want out in the world representing all that work you’ve put into your career? But here’s the thing. I’ve been assisting Lara for years, and I’ve watched her work countless photo shoots. Intuitively I know what she does and how she does it, but right after every shoot, I ask, “Did you get anything?”

And that’s the amazing part of what Lara does. Of course she nailed it. It’s because she can narrow down all the variables, compose the shot, put it all together, align the stars and knowingly, consciously capture more than what you’re looking for. Lara captures the real, complete, professional you, the you that you want connected to the world.

You’ve got beauty, poise, power. Lara sees sees that with an artist’s eye and captures it with a professional’s skill. You don’t just need this, you deserve this.

Honor Yourself!

Contact us today and let’s talk about capturing the real you with a set of professionally produced headshots by Lara Grauer. There’s no obligation, no risk, and we won’t add you to our email list or sell your info to anyone. We’re here to help and we aim to please!

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