brown, black, and white large dog sitting in a field of grass

Heidi on a sunny day

Heidi+with+ears+perkedThis is my dog, Heidi. She is a great dog, but when I get the camera out, she couldn’t care less about what I say or do. She looks everywhere other than toward me, she squints her eyes, and she holds her ears back and down. Treats are good for getting her attention, but she’s so overly excited about the treat, she won’t stay still, and she advances on the camera over and over again. Today I decided to practice some sunny day lighting, and I lucked out! I worked with her for about 45 minutes before I managed to get her attention with her ears perked up. This is a first! I was so thrilled, I decided to share with my faithful readers. We really do have a super cute and sweet dog. We call her our bird-dog, the big moof, and the Heidi Doodler. She’s probably lucky she’s not capable of being offended by the things we make up!

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