man in black polo shirt holding a hold and pointing towards the camera

My Own Headshot Session

I’ve actually never had a set of professionally shot headshots done. I was “That Guy” for sure, with a selfie that I took in my kitchen back in Chicago roughly ten years ago. Since then, my “headshot” has typically been a selfie, usually funny, probably poorly photoshopped. How bad?

What can I say? What can be said? The one with the hat isn’t so bad but it’s not so great either. It’s not the sort of thing one wants on their Linkedin page. Ugh, gosh, never mind. Those are all super bad “headshots.” The lesson here is no, social media profile images are not “headshots.”

Anyway, a few days ago Lara cornered me for a proper headshot session. I’d say these shots are infinitely better.

A vast improvement, I’d say. I really like the black and white version.

Of course, if you know me at all, my universe revolves around humor, so you know the outtakes have to be at least somewhat entertaining…

Hey, at least I had shorts on, right?

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