Wall Art & Albums

We believe that your most beautiful portraits should be displayed proudly in your home and viewed regularly! We have two major product lines to serve that purpose. Namely, Wall Art & Photo Albums. Call today to get started! Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer – 206-724-2177

Displaying your portrait photography on the wall, you get to enjoy your portraits every day and feel a sense of pride and belonging.

Select your favorite Portrait Style, i.e. headshot, full body, life style portraits, etc., then consider whether your space will do best with a single Statement Piece, complimentary Companion Pieces, or a Gallery Wall of special memories. From there, we’ll decide on the right direction for your photo shoot.

All wall art pieces come with master art retouching and complimentary delivery & installation – so you can let go of the stress, and simply enjoy your portrait photography and the lifetime memories you created!

Photo albums are perfect for story-telling so you can savor a moment in time. The tactile experience is uniquely engaging, and albums are fun to share with a loved one!

All of our photo albums are custom designed and crafted just for you. Our Modern Albums are sleek in their construction, with edge to edge prints and beautiful cover options. Legacy Albums are completely handmade in New Zealand with matted pages – unlike anything else on the market.

Thumb through your photo album to get an up-close and multi-sensory look, while you revel in the memories that live inside.

Portrait Wall Art

Statement Piece

Framed portrait of a girl with flowers leaning against a black wall

A Statement Piece is a single large portrait that holds a wall on its own. This is a special portrait that can set the mood for your space. The Statement Piece is commonly reserved for a place of honor above a fireplace, sofa, or other prominent location.

Companion Pieces

Two portraits of a young man hanging on a wall above a blue couch

Companion Wall Art Pieces compliment each other so when they are hung throughout a space they create a cohesive design. Repetition of style and color can be a strong artistic component to a beautiful interior, and that is what Companion Art Pieces can do for your home.

Gallery Pieces

Collage of portraits hanging on the wall of an office space.

Gallery Pieces are for flexible, up-close display and viewing. Perfect for hallways and stair cases, where you pass by at close proximity that lets you savor each moment as you walk by. A mix of frames and print styles works best for additions to the collection over time.


Legacy Album

photo showing thickness and form of matted album pages

Our Legacy Album is a hand-crafted photo album full of luxury. Made in New Zealand, this exquisite album tells the story of love an honor your family deserves. Each photo is meticulously aligned, and carefully matted with acid-free materials for an album that will be cherished for generations.

Modern Album

Detail shot of modern album pages and their thickness

Our Modern Album is a sleek and contemporary photo album. It provides the perfect page style for young families who want a more care-free experience while thumbing through its pages. The modern album features a thick page substrate, with edge-to-edge portraits printed on true photographic paper. Acid-free and archival, this album will be in your family for many years.

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