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See Yourself in Print

Portraits are meant to be viewed, not stored on a device and forgotten. You can choose art for your walls, or opt for pieces designed for table or desktop display. All of our printed products come with the matching image in digital format, so you can easily share with your friends and family. All of our products are heirloom quality and guaranteed for life.

Legacy Albums

Albums are custom designed and bound for you, and best used as a table top display. They are wonderful for their story-telling and the tactile experience. Thumb through your album to get an up-close and multi-sensory look, while you revel in the memories held within.

Wall Art

Hanging portraits on the wall allows you to enjoy them every day, and also helps you feel a sense of pride and belonging. Choose from our one-of-a-kind hand-painted Masterpiece Collection, or our striking and modern Impact Collection. All wall art pieces come with master art retouching and complimentary delivery & installation.

Image Bundles

Our bundles were created for those who want a collection of images in a desk-friendly size. The matted prints can be displayed in an easel, given to loved ones, or framed and hung for small spaces. They are wonderful for maximum flexibility.

Photo albums displayed on a wooden coffee table top with a cusioned chair and whited out background.
Close-up of a photo album page displaying a family portrait with mother and two children, one on each side.
Living space with couch, coffee table, lamps, wall hangings, indoor plants and a area rug.
Family portrait hanging above furniture with lamp, decorative accessories and plants.
Potrait of a woman with wooden frame hanging on a wall.
Three box framed portraits with storage display boxes set on a wood floor.

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Lara & Art: It’s not work if you’re doing what you love

Since we’ll be designing your portraits, you might want to know a little bit about us. Professionally we’re Lara and Art but our friends know us as Art & La. We’ve been joined at the hip since high school. We’re proud parents of two kids and a dog. Lara loves photography and Art supports her in all her endeavors. We’re good at what we do and we have a ton of fun doing it.

Lara Grauer

CPP Certified Professional Photographer

Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer

Art Grauer

Photographer's Assistant

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