Family Portrait Next To Salmon Waves Sculpture At Ballard Locks

Family portrait in black and white of a dad, two sons, and a mom standing amidst Paul Sorey’s “Salmon Waves” sculpture installation at the Ballard (Hiram M. Chittenden) Locks. The dad is on the left, mom on the right, with their children posed standing between them. The younger boy is lightly holding his father’s leg while his brother standing next to him holds a stuffed teddy bear.

More about the Salmon Waves sculpture:

“A series of seven stainless steel sculptures by artist Paul Sorey spring from the plaza next to the Ballard Locks and celebrate the installation of a fish ladder that allows the essential annual passage of salmon to take place. Titled “Salmon Waves,” the multifaceted metal shoots end in neat curlicues and together with a surface finish reminiscent of ripples on water the piece is evocative of rolling sea swells.”

Salmon Waves – Public Art Archive

This was one of those in-between weather days that we tend to get around here most of the year. It wasn’t mild, not cold either, maybe in the 50’s or so, which allowed the subjects to layer sweaters and coats as needed to keep them comfortable and happy. It sure looked like it was going to rain for most of the shoot, but aside from a few here and there drops, we all stayed dry.

A lot of my clients get a little freaked out when there’s rain in the forecast but when I let them know that it means the lighting will likely be perfect for photos, they’re usually all in.

Location: Ballard Locks, Seattle, WA

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