Family Portrait Silhouette Sunset Overlooking The Puget Sound

A family of five including a mom, dad, two sons and one daughter standing on a log on top of a sand dune. They are overlooking the Puget Sound at sunset, with blue water, gold light on and over the distant shoreline, partially blue sky with wispy high white and golden cirrus clouds. The family stands facing away from the camera in silhouette, outlined with accents of golden sunlight. In the dark foreground are assorted driftwood logs and beach rocks and stones.

This photo was shot as part of a series of photographs that we produced for an annual Beach Photo FUNdraiser event that we ran to benefit the Cascade K-8 Community School in Shoreline, WA. We scheduled a day-long series of back to back mini sessions on the beach, with a portion of the proceeds donated to the school. These sessions were popular enough that the mini session Beach Photo FUNdraiser became an annual, recurring event.

The Richmond Beach Saltwater Park is a hidden local gem of a spot that is an amazing place for all kinds of photography. Located on the Eastern shore of the Puget Sound on the site of a former sand pit mine, the park features many terraced playground areas on the natural grass slope from the entrance to the park down to the main parking lot. A path from the lot leads to a pedestrian walkway bridge that spans over an active railroad. Beyond the railroad, the path opens to the dune area with lots of tall grass and sand, and finally to the beach area along the shore.

All of which makes plentiful opportunities for photographs such as this one, a silhouette before sunset overlooking the magnificent Puget Sound. There just isn’t a time of day or time of year where you won’t find the view here anything less than breathtaking.

Location: Shoreline, WA

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