Maternity Portrait Of An Expecting And Excited Mom And Dad

A maternity portrait of an expecting and excited mom and dad to be, smiling together in front of a white background. There’s a large light shining over the mom’s right shoulder and side. Both dad and mom have their hands on mom’s belly. Mom is wearing a gray and blue finely-patterned long sleeved scoop neck shirt with jeans. Visible around mom’s neck is a necklace with a silver heart shaped filigree pendant. Dad is wearing a dark blue (with a little green) collared shirt. They appear to be just about to share a kiss.

The mom-to-be appears to be somewhere between 25 and 30 weeks along in her pregnancy. I don’t recall exactly how far along she was.

Pregnancy photography used to be an altogether overlooked subject, but since the dawn of the age of social media, the form has really taken off. Some moms even go so far as to schedule frequent photo sessions throughout their pregnancy to create keepsake books.

Sure, most parents have plenty to think about as they get ready to bring a new child into the world. This sort of photography project, however, captures the fun side of the preparation process, where mom and dad can share and show the love.

Location: Seattle, WA

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