Personal Branding Head Shot Photo Of A Massage Therapist

A personal branding head shot photo of a massage therapist. She’s wearing a blue long sleeved sweater with a very large double collar and her sleeves are pulled up almost to her elbows. She has short wavy hair, is smiling directly at the camera, and is straightening a blue sheet on a massage table.

She’s pictured within a white massage room with a window behind her on the right. To the left we see a green bamboo plant in a skinny vase with a silver top, cork middle, and ceramic base. There is a light brown wooden shelf with open sides and back, on which are displayed various items commonly found in massage therapy rooms, including a small cd player stereo, some cd’s, various small vials of oils, photos, crystals, framed photographs, and books about massage therapy.

In this example of a personal branding photo, I’m showing the subject within the context of her profession (in a massage therapy room), preparing the room for a client. This gives prospective clients an idea of what the experience might be like, along with a window into the subject’s personality.

Location: Seattle, WA

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