Personal Branding Portrait Of An Interior Designer

Personal branding portrait of an interior designer. She has brown shoulder length hair and is wearing a black long sleeved sweater with a silk brown, gray, and black top beneath, with blue jeans.  She’s accessorized with a silver necklace, bracelet and ring. She’s smiling and looking directly at the camera.

I’ve photographed her leaning on a brown leather sofa next to a color coordinated pillow. In the background we can see a custom front doorway next to a custom built stairway railing, the slightly out of focus vertical lines of both adding visual interest and texture to the background.

In this example of personal branding photography, I’ve placed the subject of the photo within the context of her work, within a finely designed home interior. It’s an example of an artist naturally inhabiting her space, providing insight into her personal style.

Location: Seattle, WA

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