Photo Of Julius The Turkish Van

This is Julius, a Turkish Van, odd-eyed with one green and one blue eye. He sports a semi-long-haired thick white coat, rocking a reddish crown that runs over and between his ears in typical breed fashion.

The Turkish Van breed originates from the area surrounding Lake Van, Turkey. The breed is distinguished for it’s “Van Coloring” where the coloring is restricted to the top of the head and tail with no more than 20% coloring on it’s coat, giving no appearance of bi-coloring. Interestingly, all-white versions with no coloring on the head and tail are recognized as their own breed, the Turkish Vankedisi.

A family-friendly breed, the Turkish Van is great around kids and other pets. They’re known for developing very strong bonds with their owners. Vans are known as swimming cats because of their fascination with water. Lively, playful, and social, with considerable hunting skills, these cats may surprise you once in awhile with a friendship offering of a bird or a mouse.

Here I’ve captured Julius outside in the backyard, underneath an old patio table on the wooden deck. Julius was playful and curious during the shoot, said hello and was quite happy to get acquainted. When we went outside, he sat down here for a few beats before taking off into the yard down his well-worn stalking path to explore his domain.

Location: Shoreline, WA

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