Photograph Of Lilly Lightyear The Piebald Tabby

Lilly Lightyear is a piebald tabby that lives with her brother Jingle Buzz in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood.

Photographing Lilly Lightyear was not at all easy. She was very evasive – running off to hide, looking away from the camera and generally testing me in innumerable rascally cat ways. She’d run off and hide for a minute or two and then scrape together enough confidence to come back out to see what was going on, but then would hit some unspoken limit and run off again. She kept looking out the window at pretty much anything but the camera, finding any excuse to get me off her case.

I captured this simple shot toward the end of our time together. After this shot, we decided to give some catnip a try. It definitely got her attention, but at that point we couldn’t seem to pull her away from the stuff, and the session was pretty much over.

Lilly Lightyear lives on Queen Anne hill. Sometimes she’s let out during the day but most of the time Lilly and her brother are committed indoor cats.

I really like the background on this photo. You can’t really tell at all but it’s a stainless steel refrigerator door. I love the color with the interesting gradient variety and how it melts away so that the cat is where the focus lands.

Location: Seattle, WA

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