Portrait Of Grendel The Chantilly-Tiffany

Grendel is black with a hint of chocolate Chantilly Tiffany Cat with a thick long coat and stunning yellow-gold eyes, lovingly referred to by his mom as, “Lil Black Cat.” At the time of his photo session, Grendel was a mature 18 years young.

The Chantilly Tiffany is a family cat, great around children and other pets. They tend to bond with a particular member of the family and become best buds forever. Companion cats, don’t do too well on their own for long periods of time. They’re a moderate breed that isn’t overly demanding or too mischievous.

True to his breed, Grendel’s mom describes him as, “a dog in cat’s clothing,” following her around the house much like a dog would, greeting visitors with enthusiasm and generally expressing a desire for love, cuddles, and companionship, unlike many cats who would mostly prefer to be on their own and independent.

Grendel’s mom is a Seattle area artist that incorporated Grendel into many of her works over the years. You can see more of her amazing illustrations, ceramics, and jewelry at Lil’ Girl Art.

Location: Seattle, WA

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