Portrait Of A Mackerel Tabby Kitten

A mackerel striped fishbone tabby kitten with yellow eyes and the characteristic “M” shape on it’s forehead and dark lines across it’s cheeks to the corners of it’s eyes, adorably peeking out from between a brown chair leg and a green door.

We find the process of photographing cats is a little more complicated than that of dogs and other pets. In most cases, it takes a lot of time for cats to warm up to new people with lots of camera gear invading their little kingdom, even if by “lots” of gear we mean a camera and a single light. It’s very helpful for everyone if we’re introduced to the feline before the session so that the day of the shoot isn’t the first time we’ve met.

Cats are super personal and very complex pets, so we really try to get a handle on their nature before the session. This lets us know what to expect and allows us figure out strategies for keeping them at ease during their session. It’s good for us to know about favorite toys, treats and even having favorite family members and friends around to keep them at ease and comfortable.

This gentle little guy was quite inquisitive and playful during his session, hiding around furniture and then peeking out from time to time to check us out, then taking off like a rocket to hide again only to surprise us by appearing behind us. A total little rascal.

Location: Seattle, WA

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