Portrait Of Family Walking Through The Grass At The Beach

A family of four including a mom, a dad and two daughters, walking through dense green long grass atop a dune on a beach overlooking the Puget Sound. The mom has long blonde hair and is wearing a long white dress. Dad has curly blonde somewhat closely cropped hair and is wearing blue jeans and a short sleeved white collard shirt. Both daughters have strawberry blonde hair and are wearing white skirts and blue jean jackets.

In the background we can see the waters of the Puget Sound and in the distance are the Eastern foothills of the Olympic Mountains. The day is overcast with poofy cumulus clouds with slightly darker colors at the bases of the clouds.

A few weeks before this session, this family contacted me about doing a beach photo session. They were from Canada and were planning a vacation to the Seattle area. They’d heard that the beaches in Seattle were beautiful locations for photos were looking to have family portraits done there while they were in town.

I chose the picturesque Golden Gardens Park in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. The park features wetlands, beaches, hiking trails, and picnic and playground areas… lots of opportunities for memorable, fun photos.

Their kids were little so during the session we did lots of playing. I had the kids racing each other up and down the beach and we played hide and seek in the tall grass. Then we went to the pond played find and count as many turtles as we could, which the kids just loved. We kept it fun and turned it into a treasure hunt/playdate event.

Location: Golden Gardens, Seattle, WA

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