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Seattle Commercial Photographer – Lara Grauer

Photography is about capturing the essence of what is happening in the moment. A professional photographer can capture not only a good image, but also help people emulate a significant moment all over again.

A great portrait photographer will showcase a scenario in the best light possible, even to strangers. If you are looking for photographers in Seattle, it would be hard to find one as competent and effective as Lara Grauer.

Some things to know about Lara Grauer Photography

Here are some things you should know about Lara Grauer and why you should consider her over other Seattle photographers:

Her commercial photography reputation is stellar

Lara Grauer is considered by many to be one of the top Seattle photographers specializing in commercial photography, including corporate portraits, headshots, fashion, and product photography. Her professionalism makes her one of the best commercial photographers in Seattle and the Puget Sound area.

She gives you commercial photography that sells

Sometimes, the biggest reason why a business’ product is not selling is because they’re not using enticing images that lure prospective customers. Their marketing strategy might be fine, but without high quality photography, a prospect will often scroll by. This is true for all sorts of products, whether it’s food for a restaurant or gifts and apparel for an eCommerce/WooCommerce store.

Results consistently show that products can benefit from Lara’s effective commercial photography skills. Great photos help Seattle businesses sell more products. Product photos are often used on eBay, on independent product websites, or for any product sales or marketing materials.

Your corporate headshots will never be bland

Any employee will tell you that they want their corporate headshot to be flattering, authentic, and make them proud. With Lara, you get the best quality photography. Headshots are one of Lara’s top specialties from her menu of commercial photography services. When you work with Lara, you won’t have to worry about having a business card or professional profile with a headshot photo that you don’t like.

Lara’s clients matter most

The most important thing that a business has to take care of is its clients. Lara provides premium customized service because she knows that sometimes you don’t know what type of photography you need.

Lara listens to her clients and works closely with them to determine their needs. Each project is custom-tailored to become the solution to your specific problem. Seattle’s Lara Grauer Photography will never give you a cookie-cutter formula for your unique business needs. Lara is dedicated to giving you the photos that will strengthen your company’s client relationships and make you money.

She defines both personal and professional brands

Lara Grauer Photography works not only for professional brands in commercial sectors, but also for local leaders who need personal pictures. The company has a massive portfolio of professional-grade personal pictures for individuals who are willing to pay the price of hiring a top Seattle photographer.

CEOs and higher executives of most any Seattle business will find this skillset very useful, as this would not only help them boost their business’ image but also their own personal image. Any good photograph of a corporate executive is a good image for the business.

Visual branding is the ultimate vent

Seattle commercial photographer Lara Grauer also has one of the most sought-after traits in commercial photography: providing effective visual branding. Out of the many photographers in Seattle, Lara will easily rank as one of the best Seattle photographers offering commercial photography. Her visual branding is top-notch and can help businesses sell more with less effort. “A single picture can speak a thousand words” can easily be applied in Lara’s case.

Committed to COVID safety

Lara Grauer Photography understands the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic and is following – and surpassing – prescribed guidelines. The business offers outstanding outdoor photography and on-location photo sessions, as well as in-studio photoshoots when an indoor look is needed. Furniture and studio props have been modified so they can be thoroughly disinfected, and substantial airflow is a high priority so that maximum safety is assured.

Everything you need to know about Lara Grauer as a person

To really understand a business, you must truly understand the layers that make up the base of that business. Starting as a photographer at a very young age, this prodigy has worked for over 22 years on taking professional-grade pictures that have made an impact on various types of Seattle businesses. During her career, Lara has taken photos of actors, attorneys, executives, and even portraits for social media platforms and dating profiles.

Here are a few other things to know about Lara Grauer:


Saying you’re skilled is one thing, but one cannot really prove something until they have the legal documents for it. Lara is crowned as a Certified Professional Photographer as her photography has impressed even the judging community who was responsible for giving her the certification.

Lara is also a member of PPA: Professional Photographers of America and PPW: Professional Photographers of Washington. Being part of these communities as well as being recognized as an expert Seattle photographer is a strong sign of the professional commitment Lara makes to her clients.

Shares her knowledge

You know you have reached the peak of professionalism when you start teaching others about your craft. Popularly nicknamed the Grandmaster of Professional Branding by her students, Lara regularly hosts photography workshops. She also goes on to public speaking platforms in the local Seattle area and around the country whenever the opportunity arises.

Here are a number of topics that Lara currently shares her extensive knowledge:

  • How to build a successful business through images.
  • Photography techniques that can make or break a business.
  • Personal branding and its importance.
  • How to take effective headshot photography.

And there are other topics. Lara also routinely updates her blog to make sure that the online community can benefit from her knowledge as a professional photographer.

Lara Grauer Photography is the ultimate Seattle destination

Whether you are looking to get headshot photography, portrait photography, or photos for your products, out of all the Seattle photographers, you will definitely benefit when choosing Lara Grauer Photography. If interested in any of the commercial photography specialties mentioned above, we hope you will contact Lara Grauer Photography by calling 206-724-2177 or by filling out our online contact form found on our website. Lara is always ready to help you explore all the potential that professional commercial photography can offer your Seattle business.