photo of a photography studio with stool and table.

We’ve Got A Studio

You guys – I am so excited! I just finished setting up my very first real studio! I’ve been casually looking for space to rent in the area, but ultimately decided on using our garage. It’s amazing, and fabulous – everything I could have asked for – and I know it will only get better from here!

Just two weeks ago, the garage was stuffed to the gills with junk. It’s the old well-known story. We would come across some cool thing that we didn’t really have a great place for – so we would stick it in the garage to be dealt with later. As many people do, we did that again, and again, and again… Plus there’s the stuff we would take out to use, and then never put it back where it belonged. This led to lots of clutter and disorganization – and a lot of work if we wanted to clean it up!

Last week we decided it was finally time. Summer won’t last forever, and I’ve got some great tricks I love to use for studio portraits, but it’s not so easy to use them all on location. So the time for change had arrived.

First, we cleared out the big obvious things. Many of the piles of “junk” represented projects that had to be completed in order to clear the space, so we got right to work! Some of the projects we tackled were:

  • Spreading cardboard around the shrubs in our back yard, and covering that with wood chips
  • Re-hanging our old closet doors on the closets again
  • Organizing and consolidating items in storage
  • Assembling several shelves on wheels
  • Donating old unused items

After loads of work, the space was all cleared out, and it was time to set up the space! We’ve got room for everything we need, and shelves to hold props, backgrounds, and other equipment.

Now we can make amazing photos no matter what the weather is like! We can do some really fun and styled shots that you would never try to do at the beach. You can get all dolled up and strike some amazing poses that show a side of you that you didn’t know was there. The sky is the limit! We can do it all!

So who’s up next? I’m ready to photograph you – I have some openings still in August, so let’s do this! Give me a call or drop me an email. You’re going to feel amazing when you see yourself in photographs.

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