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You deserve to love your portraits and have fun making them!

Lara Grauer is a PPA Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) specializing in professional headshot photography, business portraits, team & company headshots, personal branding portrait photography, and portrait photography that turns your loved ones into art for your home.


Lara is committed to making your complete photography experience fun and efficient.


A proud Seattle portrait photographer with a large following, Lara is also a clear leader among Seattle photographers. She has continued to provide exceptional Seattle area photography services since 2008, and Lara is eager to give you the quality art and service you deserve. Contact Lara today!

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As someone who has always doubted my beauty, Lara captured both my inner and outer self. I’m so grateful and can’t say enough great things about Lara and her amazing team.

– Lara Grauer Photography client, Laura Brewer

Photography Services
headshot of a woman with black curly hair and dark purple jacket

Studio Headshots

Seattle’s best solution for people who want great business photos with a quick and easy experience.

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Company Headshots

On-location headshots are available for teams and offices in the Seattle area.

Portrait-Personal Branding photo of a redhead woman sitting at a desk and writing in a notebook while smiling towards the camera.

Personal Branding Photography

Customized photos for business owners and professionals who want to tell their story through visual marketing.

Portrait of a family hanging on a wall above a wooden dresser

Portrait Photography

Exquisite legacy portrait albums and wall art for Seattle parents and grandparents.

Two portraits of a young man hanging on a wall above a blue couch

Senior Portraits

Fresh & unique portraits for high school seniors in Seattle who want customized art that honors this important time in life.

Pet Portrait Photography

Fun and modern studio portraits for pet owners in Seattle who want unique art to honor their dogs and cats.

Fun & Efficient Photoshoot

two women prepping makeup with a family portrait hung on the wall behind them.

1. Schedule your pre-photoshoot consultation

Give Seattle photographer Lara Grauer a call at 206-724-2177 to explore ideas and schedule your consultation and photo session. Lara will meet with you to start planning your photo session and jump-start your outfit selection.

2. Have a blast at your fun and fearless photo session

Seattle photographer Lara Grauer will likely start your photoshoot session by having you and/or other participants meet with our hair & makeup artist to make sure you’re 100% camera-ready. Next, at the photo shoot, you can relax and be yourself. Lara will show you all of her tricks for posing, so you’re confident that you look your absolute best.

3. Select and share your portraits

Get ready to love your photos! Step 3 is where we choose your favorite photos and finalize your order. Whether you’re using the photos to up your marketing game or hanging portraits on your walls, everyone will admire your new pictures!

black and white photo of a middle aged woman with curly hair looking at the camera.

Lara is great–excellent eye, great at putting me at ease, and she created an overall fun experience. And I love my photos!

– Lara Grauer Photography client, Kelly Malone

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My Valentine’s gift to myself was a set of new headshots. I wanted to see if I could show off my serious and silly side and Lara nailed it!

– Lara Grauer Photography client, Marcelle Allen

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Lara Grauer: Story-of-You Teller

Proud Seattle Photographer Since 2008

Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer

Choosing a professional Seattle portrait photographer can be challenging. Seattle photographer Lara Grauer has over 25 years of experience as a professional Seattle portrait photographer specializing in family portraits, headshot photography, children and pet photography. Most importantly, Lara is regarded by many to be one of the best portrait photographers in Seattle and an outstanding professional Seattle photographer. Lara will take the best photos you’ve ever seen – guaranteed. Lara is a dedicated Certified Professional Photographer and member of both the PPA Professional Photographers of America, and the Professional Photographers of Washington. Lara has photographed countless family portraits, pet portraits and headshots for professionals of all stripes, including actors, attorneys, and executives. Lara’s client portraits can be seen displayed on social media websites and even dating profiles. Lara is based on the Northside of Seattle and works on location by request throughout the north Puget Sound area. Lara is committed to giving you photos that you love for both the look as well as the memories that they hold.

Lara provides studio portrait sessions for all areas around Seattle, including Downtown, South Lake Union, Magnolia, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Fremont, Wallingford, Ravenna, Magnuson, out across Lake Washington to Bellevue, Redmond and Issaquah and, phew, all the way up North to Everett.

Professional Branding, Personal Branding, Pro Photography Tips, Speaker

Lara works closely with her clients to understand their professional goals and determine how they want to be seen by their audience. She helps define both their professional and personal brand through photography, whether it’s to be used online or in print. Through this process, she’s uncovered key aspects of visual branding and storytelling photography that can help you spread your message and make a bigger impact. This process is a key component to building a strong career.

Education is the key that can unlock the world. Seattle photographer Lara Grauer draws on her over 25 years of professional photography expertise to help people express themselves in the world through her photoshoot sessions, workshops, and speaking opportunities. Lara regularly gives presentations about photography techniques, personal branding, headshot photography,  and building a successful business throughout Seattle’s Puget Sound area. If you’re looking for someone to speak to your group, get in touch with Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer today!

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Sitting on Couch Pose photo without headshot of Lara Grauer100% Satisfaction GuaranteeYou shouldn’t have to pay for something you don’t love.
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circular photo of a brunette woman smiling with camera to her face with big white text to the left saying "AI ART? Lara Grauer shares her thoughts!"

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As one of Seattle’s leading professional photographers, I can promise that each photoshoot receives Lara’s very best. Lara is also available for regular bookings on location in the north Puget Sound area. Use the form below to email me with any questions you might have about your portrait or headshot photography session. I look forward to hearing from you!