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Leading Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer is a PPA Certified Professional Photographer that services the Seattle area as a leading portrait photographer. For over 13 years she has captured memories for families, couples, and friends. Lara also is an expert professional headshot photographer and can help with any business or online profile photo needs. If you are in need of a portrait photoshoot including family portraits, child portraits, business portraits, pet portraits, and/or headshots. Lara is a top Seattle professional photographer to consider. Lara uses expert branding photography methods to help her to deliver your most cherished portraits ever.

Asian woman with a flower tattoo on left shoulder and one tattoo on her back, posing for a personal branding photo.

What is Personal Branding Photography?

Personal Branding Photography, also known as PBP, is a type of business photography. When people think of business photography, they may first think of professional headshots of people wearing suits. Instead, PBP is when you use photos to represent the branding of your business. This does not mean that it cannot be professional headshots of people in suits, though. If that is the brand of your business, then that would count as personal branding photography or PBP!

Some people like to think of personal brands as the same as a reputation. This is because it is how people talk about your business when you are not around. The more the word spreads around about your brand, the better chance you have at not blending in with the rest of the pack in your industry. Personal branding with a unique look allows you to stick out in any monotonous industry, thus allowing memorable experiences for customers. It will enable you to represent yourself on multiple platforms and to multiple types of audiences. It is crucial to start looking into a personal branding photography session if you need this breakthrough for your company.

These brand photos will be some of the first things possible shoppers will see when searching for your business online. With many visual learners, it is crucial to make a memorable or catchy first impression in your marketing and branding. As we all know, most people will judge a book by its cover, so it is vital to make those first views count for more when they see your brand. If a first impression is not positive for someone, it makes it very unlikely for them to remember you or your business brand for the future, thus losing you a potential customer.

One of the easiest and most significant personal branding steps is to have your customers get to know you! You can do this by branding your business around your likelihood and personality by including your smiling face more often in photos. People are much more likely to remember a smiling face than text because it is more natural. When you recall images with faces, you recreate the emotional reaction associated with that face, thus making it a more memorable experience! Having someone’s personality and likelihood associated with your business makes it much more notable.

A personal branding session includes multiple outfit changes, multiple backgrounds, and different poses that work out for you. You will have various photos based on what a professional photographer decides your personal brand should look like. From there, you can decide on the direction you want to take the personal branding of your business.

Why is Personal Branding Photography important?

Here is an example: Do you remember the last time you had trouble trying to pick between multiple businesses for a product or service? What was the deciding factor for the company that you ended up choosing? Often, the answer will be money, but what if everything you are looking at is priced virtually the same? This is where personal branding can give you the edge in marketing. If a customer is looking at a selection of products and services, all priced similarly and around the same quality, what will they end up choosing? More than likely the one with the brand they feel more of a connection with.

Was there a business that you remember trusting more than others, but you were not quite sure why? It was more than likely due to their marketing usage of a unique and great personal brand strategy. This type of photography is what set’s apart people and businesses from their competitors. It is a way to connect with the customer on a more personal level and express the values of your business in creative and fun ways. Usually, it is a gallery of images that artistically express what you and your business are about. These unique photos give your business the next level it needs to stand out in any market.

Having the right personal brand representing your business will provide your potential customers with more viewing consistency. If you have high-quality products at premiere prices but then use stock images in place of a personal brand, that will confuse your customers. A confused customer is more likely not to take any action. It is in our human nature not to act on confusion. Consistent and high-quality personal branding will make your products and services more in line with what the ideal customer has in mind.

With an ever-growing online industry, a personal brand for your business is more important than you think. Especially after a global pandemic, many aspects of our lives and business have shifted heavily towards the online world. Even in online industries that you feel might be oversaturated, you can come out ahead by simply having an appealing personal brand. The choices you take in online marketing for your company grow more and more critical by the day.

Elevate your Business Brand

Take your company to the next level instantly with a personal branding shoot with Lara Grauer! Many businesses today do not understand the true potential that personal branding can do for their business marketing. They are still using smartphone quality images or even no images at all besides stock images! The last thing anyone wants for their business branding is to look unmemorable and generic. This will only make future potential customers more likely not to come back to your company’s website.

Personal brands are something that anyone can start building and improving on themselves, but small business owners and solo entrepreneurs benefit the most financially from PBP. Many accomplished female business owners use personal branding to show their customers who they are. Seeing the person’s face behind the business you plan to support makes it that much more of an emotional connection. Entrepreneurs choose to work with a talented photographer to artistically and efficiently represent their business branding and marketing.

Professionally captured photos of your business brands assure your customers that you are more than serious about providing a specific product or service. The idea of impactful first impressions has already been drilled into your head, but there is a reason for that: It will lead to a higher conversion rate for your e-commerce business. That is what everyone is aiming to do for their business at the end of the day.

Setting aside a budget for PBP is something you should seriously consider. We set budgets for marketing, logos, and website design; why not include personal branding within your next business budget allocation? These images can then be used on nearly everything representing your business, including social media, websites, and business cards. Being able to market yourself with a unique brand across multiple platforms will benefit your business, in the long run, more than you probably believe.

Contact Lara Grauer Photography today to schedule your personal branding pre-photoshoot consultation! Lara will help you through the process of exploring ideas, outfit selection, and scheduling a photo shoot. Our goal is to have a fun photoshoot where you feel comfortable being the face of your new brand!