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Professional (Studio) Seattle Headshot Photography

Do you need a Seattle headshot photographer? To most of us, our careers are extremely important, and having a professional headshot can give you a leg up. Simply looking at your Lara Grauer professional headshots will affirm this. Business headshots are the first impressions for important relationships with clients and co-workers. The best headshot photography shows your commitment to excellence. A good headshot portrait can show that you’re serious about what you do and that you’re worthy of respect. A bad headshot… well, “not so much”. A bad headshot can do you harm…

Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer promises to give you contemporary corporate headshots that shine with professionalism and authenticity. Your headshot should come across as engaged and interested. In today’s world of casual attire, it’s important to show your professional network that you’re dedicated by proudly employing the best indoor studio headshots Seattle has to offer.

My session was great! The studio is really comfortable, Lara was great, and my photos look fantastic!! I’d definitely use Lara again. 

– Lara Grauer Photography client, Uzo

Stress-Free Experience

Lara Grauer Photography provides a custom-tailored experience so you can relax and come along for the ride stress-free. Make it easy on yourself and let Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer give you professional headshots of your dream either in our Seattle photography studio or on-site in Seattle.

Expert Guidance

Luxury service and professional guidance are the keys to making your professional photos fun. Never worry about what to wear or how to pose. Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer & Lara Grauer Photography has you covered at every step.


Conveniently located on the north end of Seattle, the Lara Grauer Photography studio has easy parking and a focused process that never wastes your time.

Top Quality Photography

Lara Grauer Photography headshots are expertly crafted, professionally retouched, and sized to the specs you need. This is not your typical headshot – just wait til you hear the “oohs and aahs!”

Photographer holding camera in studio while smiling

Lara Grauer: Story-of-You Teller

Proud Seattle Photographer Since 2008

Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer

Meet Seattle photographer Lara Grauer: Certified Professional Photographer and member of the PPA Professional Photographers of America and the Professional Photographers of Washington. Lara has been a professional photographer since 1996, and over the past 27 years, she’s photographed countless professionals, children and familiespets, weddings, and events. She specializes in Seattle headshots for Seattle area professionals of all stripes – including actors, attorneys, executives, and people improving their social media or dating profiles. Lara’s specialty is providing the best photoshoot experience in Seattle Portrait Photography, and she’s considered one of Seattle’s leading Pro Headshot Photographers.

Lara provides studio portrait sessions for all areas around Seattle, including Downtown, South Lake Union, Magnolia, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Fremont, Wallingford, Ravenna, Magnuson, out across Lake Washington to Bellevue, Redmond, and Issaquah and, phew, all the way up North to Everett.
Headshot Process

Do you hate having your picture taken?

A professional headshot is worth updating. Trying to be and do everything is exhausting. It already takes huge amounts of effort to manage work and family successfully, and now with the all-knowing internet watching you, you have to look the part too. you’ve gotta be kidding!

Most people hate photos of themselves because they know for sure that they look better in 3D, moving through space and time. Often times that’s very true – and it’s not a reflection of you! The problem is, a camera is just doing what it’s told. The camera doesn’t see your best angle, and it can’t tell if the light is flattering. It simply grabs a shot of what’s there when the operator hits the button. In contrast, our human brains get an overall impression of how you look while you move through space, and they let the little things go. You simply don’t look the same in photos as you do in real life.

That means that it’s not your job to be photogenic! You actually can’t be photogenic – that’s not really a thing. Looking bad in pictures is equally available to everyone (and looking good is available to everyone too)! It’s your photographer’s job to make you look your best in headshots. Your headshot photographer is responsible for choosing the right tools to capture the most flattering composition, lighting, and poses.

That’s why Lara Grauer Photography has developed an efficient & playful 3-step process for Seattle studio headshots – so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands, and all the details are covered.

Here’s how it works: First, contact Lara to get set up with the right session for you. Lara will make sure you have a plan and know how to prepare and what to wear. Then, just show up to your photoshoot! You’ll get on-site help with styling details, and supportive posing directions to make you look your best. Step 3 is to view and select your head shot portraits together with guidance from Lara.

A standard headshot session will last an hour from start to finish, and a full-service headshot session will last as long as it takes to get the job done (typically a maximum of 3 hours).

Studio Headshots are Perfect For:

Book Author

Real Estate Agent

New job hunt

LinkedIn Profile

Software Developer

Insurance Agent

Landscape Designer

Business Consultant

New Graduate


Pet trainer




Interaction Designer


Public Speaker

Life Coach

Corporate Executive

Sales Manager

Marketing Professional


Systems Analyst

Actor or Model


Political Candidate

Floral Designer

Game Tester

Social Media Manager


Event Planner



Event Planner


Yoga Teacher

Artist or Musician

Animal Trainer


Project Manager

Graphic Designer

Small Business Owner

Loan Officer

Construction Manager

Website Designer

Home Service Salesperson

Property Manager

Interior Designer

Headshot of a brunette woman with glasses in a red button-down polka dot shirtStudio Headshot Pricing

Full Service Studio Headshots

Studio Reservation Fee: 990 (plus tax) is collected at the time of booking and includes the following:

  • Pre-photoshoot consultation to tailor the experience to your needs
  • Creative time for photography in the Lara Grauer Photography studio
  • Guided viewing & selection of photos
  • Professional retouching for all purchased images
  • Access to multiple sizes of digital photos
  • 2 images included, OR 500 credit toward larger purchase
  • Unlimited license for use of purchased headshots
  • Digital archive of your purchased images both on and off-site
  • Printed copies available at no extra charge
  • Guaranteed delivery within 2 weeks of image selection
  • Professional hair & makeup artistry available
  • Additional images available for purchase
  • Rush delivery available

Basic Studio Headshots

Studio Reservation Fee: 490 (plus tax) is collected at the time of booking and includes the following:

  • 30 minutes for one person in front of the camera
  • Up to 3 outfits photographed
  • Unlimited license for use of 2 digital headshots
  • Review and select headshots before you leave
  • Professional retouching of all purchased images
  • Guaranteed delivery of headshots within 1 week
  • Archive of your purchased images both on and off-site
  • Additional images available for purchase
  • Professional Hair & Makeup artistry available
  • Rush delivery available
Sitting on Couch Pose photo without headshot of Lara Grauer100% Satisfaction GuaranteeYou shouldn’t have to pay for something you don’t love.
Ask about our money back guarantee.

Let’s Talk

It all begins with a conversation. Use the form below to email me and get the ball rolling. You’re also welcome to call me at 206-724-2177 or use one of the buttons above to schedule a free phone call at a time that’s convenient. Let’s finally make this happen!

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