Best Portrait Photography – How It Works

Begin with the end in mind.
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You’re ready for new portraits, but what will you do with your new portrait art? Start by visualizing the finished ready to display framed portrait. Before Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer brings out the camera, you need a plan for where and how your newly commissioned portrait photography will be displayed. Will the framed portrait from your photoshoot hang in your home? Will the new photographs tell a story in your family photo album? Will they be headshots and personal branding photos that promote your professional status?

Maybe you have a prominent wall in your entryway that needs a statement piece. Seattle photographer Lara Grauer can create a modern family portrait to hang there. Do you want to start a family gallery wall that includes old favorites alongside newly commissioned portraits? Lara Grauer Photography studio can make that happen. Perhaps your home has lots of windows with limited wall space – or you plan on moving soon. Let this photoshoot illustrate your story in a gorgeous, custom-designed portrait album. Your specific needs will serve as the roadmap for the Design & Planning Consultation.

Whether you need photos for family or business, give Seattle photographer Lara Grauer a call at 206-724-2177 to get started with your complete portrait experience.

example of a framed wall portrait showing a mother and son laughing
family portrait gallery on the wall in entryway

Step 1: Pre-Photoshoot – Design & Planning Consultation

Kick things off with your Design & Planning Consultation. Your perspective is what matters most. To get compelling, authentic portraits, talking about you and the people in your life is a must. Who are we photographing? Who are the characters at play in your family? How would other people describe you? What are your relationships like? Seattle photographer Lara Grauer wants to capture you and your loved ones just the way you see them.

During your pre-photoshoot consultation, we’ll answer all of your questions, like:

What should everyone wear?

What investment should I plan for?

Where should we hang our family portraits?

Should we bring the dog? (um… yes!)

Step 2: Fun & Fearless Photo Shoot

If you’ve had a professional photo shoot in the past, you might remember feeling stressed out. Maybe the kids missed their naps or Dad was not into it.

Put that experience behind you, and get ready for a great time! Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer has over 2 decades experience working with families. You just get the kids dressed and make it to the Seattle Portrait Studio. The rest will unfold beautifully.

Seattle photographer Lara Grauer will start your photoshoot experience by giving you time with our hair & makeup artist to make sure you’re 100% camera-ready. Next, for photo shoot, you can relax and be yourself. Lara will guide you through posing, so you’re confident and looking your best.

behind the scenes photo of a girl being photographed by Lara Grauer
Group of people looking at pictures on a big screen

Step 3: Photo – View & Order Appointment

Get ready to love your photos! Approximately one week after your photo shoot, you will come to the studio to view and order your portraits. At your View and Order appointment you’ll finalize your portrait order, so make sure everyone who wants input can attend (ahem – that means both Mom and Dad).

Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer will guide you every step of the way. Using state-of-the-art software, you’ll get to see your portraits to scale in photos of your walls at home. You’ll also see your custom album design, if an album story was part of your photoshoot plan. Using your goals from the consultation, you’ll watch your vision for your portraits come to life.

Step 4: Photos – Delivery & Installation Day

Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer has seen far too many framed portraits sit in a closet waiting for someone to pound a nail in the wall or help them lift a heavy frame. That’s why Lara Grauer Photography makes it a priority to deliver and install your commissioned portraits as soon as they’re ready. About 4-8 weeks after the order is finalized, you’ll get that exciting call to schedule a delivery date!

If you’re using your photos to enhance your marketing, your images will be delivered within 2 weeks of your view & order appointment.

Lara Grauer standing with finished frames and albums

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