Young woman golfer posing on green with golf clubs at her side inside golf bag resting on tripod. Wearing a long sleeve and pants with brown golfing shoes and a vest jacket. Background includes, grass, trees, homes and fog.High School Senior PhotographyHigh School Senior Photos in Seattle, WashingtonView Packages & pricing

Seattle’s Favorite Senior Photos

Your senior year in high school is such an important time for a senior portrait session. It’s arguably the most important photoshoot other than, perhaps, your wedding (and that’s assuming you’ll have one)! You’re only a senior once, and your graduation photos will help to mark a huge accomplishment in your life. Plus, it’s a pivotal time between being a kid and blossoming as a newly-minted adult. So what are you waiting for?

When you choose Lara Grauer Photography for your senior photos, your photo experience will be fun and awesome: custom-made to fit your personality.

Plan the photo session you want, so you’ll do more than just make your mom happy – you’ll also have a great time telling your story through portraits you love.

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Lara is able to capture expressions that you never thought possible! Her fun and laid back methods put her subjects at ease, resulting in photos that tell the story of your life.

– Lara Grauer Photography client, Kari

Easy & Fun Senior Photos

Start by creating a vision to get your best portraits ever! Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer will turn your ideas into reality with a fun and efficient 3-step process. Lara Grauer makes portraits fun, and she never skips a step.

Senior photos are meant to remind you of this special time in your life. Your printed photos will highlight your youth & your passions every time you see them. Creative albums make a great keepsake for high school senior photography sessions because they tell your story. Plus, every photo you have printed will come with a digital copy so you can share your photos online and keep them just a tap away on your phone!

Unique & Modern

This ain’t no 1970’s studio portrait! Lara’s fresh & modern style means you’ll get awesome, fashionable art that’s custom-designed specifically for you. You’ll be proud to show your friends. What do you want to remember? What story do you want to tell? Let’s capture that to remember your senior year.

Special Memories

Your Lara Grauer Photography portrait experience will be memorable in itself. It’s not just about remembering how you looked – it’s about expressing who you are! The process will create special memories that you get to re-live each time you see your high school senior photos, so let’s make this experience count!

Building Confidence

Get creative, embrace how awesome you are and let your true light shine! Bold self-expression is the fastest path to confidence. When you get your senior photos with Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer, you’ll have a great time capturing the things you love the most.

Lara Grauer holding camera in studio while smiling

Lara Grauer: Story-of-You Teller

Proud Seattle Photographer Since 2008

Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer

Meet Seattle photographer Lara Grauer: Certified Professional Photographer and member of the PPA Professional Photographers of America and the Professional Photographers of Washington. Lara has been a professional photographer since 1996, and over the past 27 years, she’s photographed countless professionals, children and familiespets, weddings and events. She specializes in Seattle headshots for Seattle area professionals of all stripes – including actors, attorneys, executives, and people improving their social media or dating profiles. Lara’s specialty is providing the best photoshoot experience in Seattle Portrait Photography, including High School Senior Photography. Lara is also considered one of Seattle’s leading Pro Headshot Photographers.
Lara provides studio portrait sessions for all areas around Seattle, including Downtown, South Lake Union, Magnolia, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Fremont, Wallingford, Ravenna, Magnuson, out across Lake Washington to Bellevue, Redmond and Issaquah and, phew, all the way up North to Everett.
Contemporary office with open French doors looking onto more contemporary spaces.How the Process Works

Do you cringe at having your picture taken?

We all know that feeling when someone points their cell phone your way, you feel awkward, and you’re convinced you won’t look good in the pictures people take. If you feel like you’re not photogenic, the problem is not you or the way you look. The problem is, the camera can’t tell what it’s looking at. The photographer is the only person who can interpret what the camera sees and show you at your best angles and in good lighting.

That means it’s not your job to be photogenic! In fact, “photogenic” is not even a real thing. When you see pictures of you that you don’t like, it’s because the person who clicked the shutter button had no training! Choosing the right photography tools, setting up great angles, and using optimal timing is what it takes to get great portraits.

That’s why Lara Grauer Photography has an efficient and playful 3-step photography process that countless clients have deemed “fun,” even after starting off wary.

Here’s how it works: First, you’ll have a pre-photoshoot design & planning consultation with Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer. You’ll talk about what makes you tick, how you’d like your photos to look, you’ll figure out what to wear, what story you want to tell, and you’ll make a plan so you get the photos you want and not just the photos you happen to luck out with.

Next, you’ll have your fun and fearless photoshoot! Professional hair & makeup styling is available to help you feel confident for the big moment. Your session will be all about you – outfit changes and lots of poses included! From there, you’ll meet with Lara to select the best photos and make the final decisions for your photo order. When that’s all done, the only thing left to do is wait…! When your custom portraits are ready, Lara will deliver and install them so you can start enjoying them right away!

Vision & Design

To get started on a journey, you need to know where you’re going. You’ll start with a consultation to explore the possibilities and create a plan for making your vision a reality. Lara Grauer will guide you through the design process so you can envision the final result you’re aiming for.


Whether it’s just you, or you’re bringing a friend – or your family, you’ll enjoy a fun experience. We may go to a special location, or enjoy the amenities of our North Seattle photography studio. Maybe both! Great photos and fun memories will be the result.

View & Order

View your portraits with guidance from Lara Grauer Photography. Your time together will be spent picking out favorites and finalizing design options for your finished albums and wall art. Our unique design software shows you everything as it will appear when it’s done, so you’ll know you love it before you say “yes.”

Wood bench with three white pillows, aplant at one end and a pair of tall boots on the other. Three framed portraits on wall as background with closed doors on both ends.Image Style Choices

What Image Style Suits You Best?

Your senior photos will look best in print when you choose a style that suits your taste. Do you like classic black & white? Are you a colorful person? Do you want something really creative? By discussing this ahead of time, you’ll be sure to get photos you love. At your consultation, you’ll get guidance on selecting wardrobe choices that complement your portrait style.

Call today to book your consultation! Lara Grauer Photography – 206-724-2177

Classic BW

Our classic black and white portraits minimize distractions in order to maximize emotional impact. Dramatic lighting creates an intimate scene, making these portraits perfect for small groups and individuals. Black and white portraits are fabulous in modern and transitional homes with a neutral color palette.

Contemporary Color

Contemporary Color portraits are our signature look. Rich color and dimensional lighting allow you and your family to shine. The modern look of our portraits comes from the spare scenery and the authentic moments we capture. Your contemporary portrait will shine in a modern or transitional home that boasts pops of color.

Mixed Media

Transform your favorite photograph into a classic painting. Digital artistry allows for unlimited creativity and begins the painterly look. A lovely canvas print is enhanced by hand with strokes of paint and finished with a gorgeous frame, resulting in a portrait that is perfect for your traditional home.

Seattle photographer Lara Grauer knows that proper design is what makes your wall portrait art most enjoyable. Starting with the right style of portrait sets you off on the right foot. After that, we look at the color palette, size, and display options. We will guide you through the steps it takes to get portraits that make your heart sing! Make sure to plan ahead so you can enjoy your portraits for years to come.

photo albums displayed on a wooden coffee table top with a cusioned chair and whited out background.Portrait Album Styles

Albums let you show different sides of your personality, fun aspects of relationships, and your story in all its glory. Package your story in a way that is compact, but has a big impact. Which style of album will you choose?

close-up of a photo album page displaying a family portrait with mother and two children, one on each side.

The Legacy Album

The defining characteristic of our Legacy Album is its page construction. Unlike any other album available, this handcrafted book uses precision cutting & elegant matting to enhance and protect your favorite images. Cover options include the finest Japanese silks, gorgeous Italian leathers, and even a unique wraparound cover with sterling silver beaded tassel. Assembled with exquisite craftsmanship in New Zealand, unwrapping this album is an experience to savor.

Detail shot of modern album pages and their thickness

The Modern Album

Our Modern Album boasts a beautiful contemporary style for your family’s heirloom storybook. The pages of this made-in-America collection are sleek and smooth. True photographic prints extend from edge to edge with no gap in the gutter; mounted on the highest quality board pages. Choose your custom cover from many options like luxurious velvet, textured linen, or fine leather—and make it truly your own with options including an acrylic photo or beautifully embossed title.

Box of matted photo prints on wood. table top.

The Deconstructed Album

Imagine a beautiful family album without the bookbinding, and you’ve got a Deconstructed Album. Each genuine photographic print is skillfully mounted and lacquered for lifetime protection. The collection is lovingly nestled in a portfolio box of your choice for safekeeping. Your family’s story remains the same, but the pieces can be rearranged, displayed, and shared with others.

Corner view of a n interior space, wall art, blue couch with four pillows plants, coffee table, floor to ceiling windows looking out on an outdoor space with chair and plant.Wall Art Size & Placement
Framed portrait of a girl with flowers leaning against a black wall

Statement Piece

A Statement Piece is a single large portrait that holds a wall on its own. This is a special portrait that can set the mood for your space. The Statement Piece is commonly reserved for a place of honor above a fireplace, sofa, or other prominent location.

Two portraits of a young man hanging on a wall above a blue couch

Companion Piece

Companion Wall Art Pieces compliment each other so when they are hung throughout a space they create a cohesive design. Repetition of style and color can be a strong artistic component to a beautiful interior, and that is what Companion Art Pieces can do for your home.

Collage of portraits hanging on the wall of an office space.

Gallery Piece

Gallery Pieces are for flexible, up-close display and viewing. Perfect for hallways and stair cases, where you pass by at close proximity that lets you savor each moment as you walk by. A mix of frames and print styles works best for additions to the collection over time.

Woman relaxing in a white chair with eyes peering up. Wearing a short dress.Portrait Photography Pricing

Custom Portrait Photoshoot

Reservation fee of 990 (plus tax) is collected at the time of booking and includes:

  • Consultation to plan wardrobe and begin building your vision
  • Creative time for photography in one location
  • Guidance for selecting portraits and designing your art
  • Professional retouching of purchased images
  • Access to multiple sizes of digital photos for purchased images
  • Unlimited license for personal use of purchased portraits
  • Permanent archive of your purchased images both on and off-site
  • 2 gift prints OR $500 credit toward wall art or album purchase
  • Lifetime guarantee for all wall art and album products
  • Complimentary delivery and installation of wall art
  • Professional hair & makeup artistry available

Add to Your Session

two women prepping makeup with a family portrait hung on the wall behind them.

Hair & Makeup Artistry

Add hair & makeup artistry for 250 (plus tax) per person.

Fantasy image of woman walking out of an oversized old book, standing on a city street at night

Digital Composite Artwork

Create a special scene that expresses your personality and lets you see your dreams come to life! Custom pricing applies, based on the number of people included and the desired special effects & background elements.

Archival Print Pricing

Portrait art hanging above a grey couch in a white interior living room.

Wall Art

Wall art prices are all-inclusive. That means you get the customizations you want for one simple price. Frame style, mat colors, trims and glass options are already part of your purchase. Plus, a digital copy of your portrait, along with complimentary delivery and installation are included with all wall art purchases within our service area!

  • Mixed Media Wall Art starts at 2990 (plus tax)
  • Matted Wall Art starts at 890 (plus tax)
  • Impact Wall Art starts at 790 (plus tax)
Family photo album sitting on box


Album pricing is based on the number of images you select. Album types are available at different number counts. Digital copies of all selected images are included with your purchase.

  • The Legacy Album starts at 3690 (25 images)
  • The Modern Album starts at 2890 (16 images)
  • The Deconstructed Album starts at 1990 (10 images)
Matted gift photos displayed on wood table with white wall background.

Gift Prints

Your family’s portraits will bring joy to your extended family, so why not share the love? Our gift prints are either mounted or matted and responsibly packaged to make a beautiful gift your family will love. A digital copy of your portrait is included with your purchase.

A la carte gift prints start at 250.

Sitting on Couch Pose photo without headshot of Lara Grauer100% Satisfaction GuaranteeYou shouldn’t have to pay for something you don’t love.
Ask about our money back guarantee.

Let’s Talk

As a leading professional Seattle photographer, I can promise that each photo shoot receives my very best. I’m available for regular bookings at my Lara Grauer portrait & pro headshot photography studio located on Seattle’s northside. Use the form below to email me with any questions you might have about your portrait and headshot photography session. I look forward to hearing from you!

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