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We Caught Pokemon Go Fever

I’m sure you’ve heard about the biggest smart phone app to hit the market this summer: Pokemon Go! Like many American families, the Grauer family has caught Pokemon fever. When I saw Art and both kids playing at the airport in June, I decided to get the game too. After all, it’s free, and I’d be the odd man out every time we left the house if I didn’t.

I’ve played a fair amount of the game. At this point, about a month or so in, I’ve reached level 15. That’s not the most epic accomplishment, but from what I can tell, it’s respectable. There are many things I like about the game: it gets us outside, it helps Art and I connect with our kids in a way that’s hard to manufacture, and there’s something really fun about adding a new pokemon to your collection. But, it is just a game, and I’m really not much of a gamer. Sometimes I find myself wondering, “What’s the point of all this, anyway?”

So in late July, I made a decision: when we go out to play Pokemon Go, I’ll make sure to bring my camera. We’ve been exploring new places, and broadening our horizons. We come across people who are playing Pokemon Go, and easily find ourselves having unlikely conversations with strangers. Do I want to catch pokemon while I’m out? Sure I do! But I also want to notice the people around me, and enjoy the discovery of new places.

There’s something about this game that has changed our life. You might even say it’s changing our culture. If you ask me, that makes it art-worthy.

I hope you’ll enjoy discovering the hidden (and not-so-hidden) beauty of my Pokemon Go adventures with me. I’ll be sharing here and there as we continue our travels.

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