Header photo of high school boy with cello

Parents are Unsung Heroes

High school seniors are one of my favorite groups of people to photograph because the teenage years are a time of discovery, growth, and passion. But there’s more to the story than a cool kid with a passion. The parents of these seniors are a big reminder that none of us can do life alone. 

Teens might say their parents are old-fashioned, but someday they’ll chuckle at the quirky ways their parents see the world. From insisting on bringing a raincoat on a sunny day to nagging about thank you notes, parents bring a touch of amusement to life that will ultimately be a cherished memory for everyone.

Yet, behind the laughter lies unconditional love and acceptance that provides a solid foundation for young adults to explore their individuality and pursue their dreams. Through their constant presence, parents instill a sense of belonging that allows young adults to weather the storms of life and celebrate their successes. 

These kids’ families are the ultimate supporters and advisors. They physically transport them all over town, root for their success, and offer a perspective that’s not just compassionate, but also practical. 

As a photographer, being inspired by the passions of high school seniors and the support of their families is truly a gift. 

This Thanksgiving (and every day), let’s embrace the ups and downs of life, get inspired by each other, and revel in the connections that make a great life possible!