Photo Of Panchito The Mixed Breed Rescue Dog

This is Panchito, a mixed breed dog with a dark gray and brown coat with whisps of long white hair, big brown eyes and forward flopped over ears. He was a rescue dog in the care of Emerald City Pet Rescue in Seattle, WA and his backstory is completely shrouded in mystery.

Sometimes, even when our hearts are in the right place, we might judge a book by it’s cover. And when it comes to shelter dogs, a few not so great photos on the shelter website might stand in the way of a loving home. For dogs that have been sheltered for a long time, the stakes can be even higher. We volunteer our time to photograph dogs that maybe don’t have the best photos so that they have a better chance of finding their dream home.

One thing though that needs to be said is that it’s really difficult meeting and photographing these dogs because it’s tough to not take them all home with us. They’re mostly super cute and well behaved but just had a bad break.

This guy though, just look at him… couldn’t you just cuddle him forever?

Location: Seattle, WA

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