Portrait Of A Rescue Momma Dog

This mixed breed momma dog was dropped off at Emerald City Pet Rescue just after giving birth. The expression on her face tells her story better than words ever could.

During her session, she was super calm and honestly very chill for a dog in her situation. She was a little timid, kind of hanging back and observing, but still very much a people dog, and was very receptive when we interacted with her.

This image was part of a series of works that I submitted for judging as part of the process of becoming a Certified Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers of America.

Submitted in the “Client Work” category, this was an example of an image that was shot for a client that meets professional standards:

  • Directional lighting, with a highlight area and a flat area
  • No distracting background
  • Correct exposure
  • Pleasing composition
  • A single catch light in the eyes

Location: Seattle, WA

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