Portrait Of Duke The Snow White Westie At The Coffee Shop

This is Duke, a snow white Westie, hanging out under the table with his parents at Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe on Capital Hill in Seattle.

When we went through the coffee shop, Duke strode right out and through to the patio, where he sat down under their favorite table. It was cute and I knew there was a shot, but Duke under the table alone lacked context, so I asked his parents to sit down at the table with him. Their feet facing in, framing the shot, draw focus to Duke, who dominates regally in the frame.

Just look at that guy there. That confidence. King of the neighborhood.

Duke’s parents bring him everywhere they go, so much so that he’s become a bit of a neighborhood celebrity. On this shoot we visited four different locations – the arboretum, the coffee shop, the nail salon, and the hair salon. Wherever we went, folks were excited to see Duke and greeted him by name.

Location: Ada’s Technical Books And Cafe, Seattle, WA

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