Portrait Of A Young Girl With Red Hat

Here’s our daughter Molly rocking a pair of super long blond braids that, for all practical purposes, extend half way to infinity, with red hair ties down near the ends. She’s wearing a white collared long-sleeved top with buttons that extend about half way down the front of the shirt. I caught her between moments, snapping off a puckered kissy face with her eyes squinched shut, as if she had just tasted the sour tang of a lemon and enjoyed it.

Let’s talk about that red hat. I have a hard time describing that darned thing. Sure, it’s red, and it has a pretty simple band that runs around the base. There’s a pin on the very front of the hat with a tiny red rose decoration. The nearly indescribable part of the hat is the top of it. I suppose if you looked at the hat from the top down it might look like a giant red carnation. It’s got like a red lacy bit of material that runs around it between the base of the hat and the top. The top of the hat is a riot combination of fabric and shag. I don’t remember where we got it or whatever happened to it, but it’s a classic.

Getting my own kids to pose for me is like trying to capture lightning in a bottle. They’ve always got something better to do than to ham it up for their dear old mom. They don’t want to wear the clothes I want them to wear. They don’t want to go to the park or down into the studio or stand out in the yard or the awesome gazebo at the zoo. I have a much easier time loosening up everyone else’s kids than my own, and the longer I do this the more I’m finding that the same is likely every parent.

Ah my gosh though, what a cutie pie.

Location: Seattle, WA

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