Portrait Of Brother And Sister In Formal Attire

This is Celia and Thomas dressed in their wedding party outfits out on their family farm outside of Iowa City, IA, from a bunch of years back. I met their mom Sue after she fell in love with the photos that I took of my niece and nephew that were on display on my sister-in-law’s desk at work. I wound up doing sessions when them when the kids were super little, this session, and two other later sessions.

The girl in this photo has blond hair and is wearing a white dress with a black belt and white open-toed shoes. She’s holding a bouquet of white flowers in her right hand. The boy is wearing a black suit with a white collared shirt, black tie, black shoes, and his hands are in his pants pockets. He’s smiling down at his sister who is, for the lack of a better term, up in his grille.

They’re standing on the side of a gravel path in front of lush, tall, green grass. Beyond the grass are farm fields that extend off to the horizon. The sky is – depending on how you see the world – either partly sunny or partly cloudy, with a little less blue sky than white and gray cloud. Pretty much perfect indirect natural lighting.

This is that interplay between a brother and a sister that’s tough to explain. Much of the time watching siblings interact, it’s like witnessing a random cloud of goofing around. In this case, it was a matter of getting them together and letting their personalities cook for a bit; there was no need to coax them to do anything. This is an example of why I’m a photographer, the capturing of a moment, where the true light shines through.

Location: Iowa City, IA

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