Portrait Of The Little Girl With The Piercing Gaze

Oh my gosh, this little girl. The portrait of the little girl with the piercing gaze. Her hair is brown, long, a little tousled and wavy with a hint of broad curl. She’s wearing a mostly white tee shirt with a brown, pink, and light green water colored circle pattern below a white knit sweater.

Her expression is almost completely blank, with just the merest hint of suspicion. She’s got wonderful big brown little girl eyes and – my gosh – she’s gazing right straight into the camera, straight through time and space, directly into our souls.

I shot this photograph during a day long session that I did with a parenting group that I’d been a part of around the time I first came out to Seattle. The group was made up of a few dozen mothers of preschool aged kids, and I wound up doing photos of every kid in the group that day. As you might imagine, photographing roughly eighteen preschool aged kids in a single go was a huge challenge.

Since I’d been a part of the group for a few weeks, at least I was a familiar face to the kids by then, so I had that much going for me. I knew their moms and I knew the names of all the kids and generally knew what they were all like. The challenge was dealing with the inherent randomness of each of their moods and energy levels.

This one though. That look. My gosh. We’d pulled her out of the sandbox, away from her friends, interrupted her playground flow, to sit in front of the lady with the camera, and then dared to ask her to smile.

Location: Seattle, WA

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