Portrait Of Three Kid Brothers In A Log Fort At The Beach

Portrait of three smiling kid brothers inside of a log fort at the beach. The first brother on the left has his hands on a thin wood log and is smiling directly at the camera. He has blonde hair and is wearing a black collared shirt with a sparse, tiny white pattern and gray cargo pants. The second brother in the middle of the photo has wavy blonde hair and a huge open-mouthed smile. He’s wearing a dark blue jeans jacket over an orange-red tee shirt with khaki cargo pants. The brother on the right has short blonde hair with a sqinched-faced closed-mouth smirk of a grin. He’s wearing a long-sleeved gray tee shirt with black jeans.

The log fort that they found is a temporary structure commonly found along the shores of the Puget Sound. Many logs wash up on the shores and folks combing the beaches seem to enjoy building elaborate structures out of the wood they find washed up along the beach.

We cut these three gentlemen loose as soon as we got to the beach and off they went up the shore exploring. This got them into goof around mode, which relaxed them beyond their nervous awareness of the camera. We eventually found them in a particularly well-built fort where I quickly posed them for this photo.

Location: Seattle, WA

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