Portrait Of Young Cousins On The Porch Hollering

Four cousins on the front porch of the house, making their best ferocious monster faces and hollering as loud as they can at the camera. They’re sitting on a wooden deck porch with a weathered wood plank wall  behind them.

The boy on the left has blond hair and is wearing a green shirt, shorts, and red sandals. The boy next to him is sitting cross-legged and is wearing a blue tee shirt, brown shorts, and light blue sandals. The girl next to him is his sister. She’s also sitting cross-legged and she’s wearing a green shirt, white shorts, and pink flowered sandals. The girl sitting on the end is wearing a pink shirt and shorts, striped socks and silver sneakers with blue laces. She’s likely just had a visit or two or three from the tooth fairy as she’s missing a few of her top front teeth.

Of the four kids pictured, it would seem like the girl on the far right has the biggest monster roar but that boy on the far left looks like he’s putting everything he’s got into his yell. But look at those kids. They’re totally into it.

And that’s just it. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, if you’re going to capture a person at their very best, they’ve got to be comfortable, relaxed, and having fun. Over the years I’ve developed many techniques for relaxing my clients. From a kissy-smoochy sound that works on dogs and young kids to the deadpan one-liners that my husband might use to crack up your husband, we’ve got what it takes to get your real smile.

Location: Iowa City, IA

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