Business Headshot Photograph Of A Real Estate Broker

This is a business headshot photograph of a real estate broker by Seattle headshot photographer Lara Grauer. This vertically-oriented portrait is of a Seattle real estate broker posed smiling in front of a neutral medium gray background. In this photo, the realtor has long black hair that extends past her shoulders. She’s wearing a circular diamond pendant on a gold chain. She is wearing a very light gray jacket over a light tan lace blouse.

The photo was shot indoors in the studio with Profoto B1 strobe lighting with a 2×3 softbox light modifier. If you look closely at her eyes, you can see the reflection of the light from the softbox modifier. The light is placed above chin level and skims across the subject of the photo from the left to the right. The softbox diffuses the light to make gentler shadows. When the light is soft it’s more flattering to the skin and the shape of the face. The light reflected in the eyes is called a catch light and gives the eyes that sparkle that makes images more appealing.

Typically, realtors are looking for headshot photographs that they can use on their business cards and on marketing collateral for properties that they’re selling. Many realtors tend to use a large variety of different headshot looks across different social media platforms. They’ll have one look for Linkedin, one for Facebook, another for Twitter, and so on. Some realtors even use their headshot photos on billboards and car and bus wraps. Believe me, it’s a heck of a thing to be stuck in traffic behind a vehicle with an ad on it featuring a portrait that I took!

Location: Seattle, WA

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