Seattle Headshots – Headshot Photo of an Entrepreneur

This is a headshot portrait of an entrepreneur by Seattle Headshot Photographer Lara Grauer. This gentleman is wearing a gray suit jacket over a patterned blue button-down shirt with no tie for an approachable, casual appeal. He’s standing in front of a neutral gray background. The monochrome design and color scheme choice bring attention to his face and expression so that the viewer feels more engaged. His pose is straight onto the camera, which communicates both strength and confidence. His relaxed expression portrays warmth and approachability. This photo was taken during a full custom headshot session, which includes professional hair and makeup styling.

This photograph was part of a package of headshot photographs that are intended to be used in a wide variety of marketing applications. Specifically, this landscape photo places the subject of the photograph offset to the right side of the image, which allows the image to be used on websites, magazines, billboards, and other advertising, providing an area to add text and logos to the negative space on the left.

During your pre-session creative consultation with Lara, she’ll explore the various ways you intend to use your headshot images to ensure that she captures the looks that you’re looking for and makes sure that your final photos will fit in with their intended uses, whether they be meant for business cards, brochures, book covers, speaking engagements, online ads, social media, or other applications. Whether your headshot will appear in a tiny Linkedin thumbnail or on the side of a giant ad in Times Square, Lara will make sure you’re covered.

Location: Seattle, WA

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