Portrait Of Chomper The Basset Hound

This image of the most excellent and awesomely good dog Chomper was taken in his home using our portable studio setup. A loyal basset hound, Chomper was about six years old at the time of his session. Because it was an in-home session, he was very much at ease and especially cute.

Chomper has a reputation for being a pretty loud and intimidating barking hound when newcomers first enter his castle. But after a treat or two and much sniffing, the sweet side of this basset begins to shine through. Thus, this image is monochrome with a hint of warmth to bring out Chomper’s heart and tenderness.

Getting the look for this photo involved holding a dog treat above and in front of his head while making a kissy-smoochy sound to make his ears pop forward at attention. If “kissy-smoochy” wasn’t already a term of art in the world of professional pet photography, then you’ve heard it here first.

We’re using a portable set of background stands with a 53″ seamless gray backdrop and a single continuous light soft box. It sounds a little complicated but it’s actually a very efficient way for us to get an in-studio look outside of the studio, within the home. The setup has a very small footprint that we were able to set up in the middle of the client’s living room.

Location: Shoreline, WA

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