3 professional Headshots by Seattle Portrait Photographer, Lara Grauer

Seattle Headshots – Seattle Headshot Photographer Lara Grauer

Welcome to the best solution for your Seattle headshot needs and Lara Grauer Photography. Lara Grauer is a Seattle professional portrait photographer specializing in premium Seattle headshots and Seattle’s best headshot photography. She has built up a reputation over the years for providing the best headshots one can ask for, no matter the purpose. Professional, corporate look or a personal, fashion shoot is both specialties of Seattle photographer Lara Grauer. Any kind of headshot is welcome, and Lara is willing to shoot it for you.

Professional Headshots are the Key

Professional headshots are something you cherish and use for years, so make sure to hire a high-quality professional Seattle headshot photographer like Lara Grauer. Her reputation is stellar, and she will give you headshots that catch people’s eyes. This can be important when you need to make first impressions, such as in a business environment. Your headshot that a client or customer sees first can give you the upper hand. A well-received headshot can make the client feel welcomed by your friendly and welcoming picture, thus increasing your chances of making a sale.

Great photos can sell products and increase business, but they can also help you express yourself as a person. Your headshot is a reflection of yourself at a certain moment in time. Show everyone that sliver of time and who you really are with Lara Grauer’s Seattle headshot photography. Friends, family, and colleagues will cherish your photos and wonder where they can get the same. Creating these lasting impressions is what you pay for in great professional headshots.

Why Should I Update My Headshot?

Most people overlook the importance of keeping an up-to-date headshot. They either do not think it’s necessary, or they simply do not want to get their picture taken. After a single photoshoot with Seattle headshots photographer Lara Grauer, you will realize the potential that comes with getting your professional Seattle headshots done. She will help you get the most out of your photoshoot and will recommend clothing, locations, hair, makeup, and more. Every step of the way, Lara will make sure you are comfortable and getting the shots you paid for.

One of the most important reasons someone can have for investing in new headshots is for their own personal brand. Your personal brand is the public’s perception of you, mostly in a specific industry. A person can use their new photos to elevate their personal branding and get more people to not only talk about them but potentially gain a new customer. Successful personal branding almost always has up-to-date, clean, and professional headshots are taken. No matter where you are in your career, improving your personal brand can be key.

The Importance of a Headshot

In a world of ever-growing technology, social media is also gaining popularity at an exponential rate. Social media has done wonders for helping businesses promote themselves, and everyone is looking for the next ways to stand out on social media. The key is getting your professional photography done with Seattle photographer Lara Grauer. She will get you the shots that will make you and your business stick out on social media, attracting all the attention and clicks you desire.

No matter what needs you have for your Seattle headshots, Lara Grauer will customize everyone’s photoshoot for her specific clients. Lara has a passion for her clients, and they matter to her the most. She listens and desires to achieve photos that will not only make you happy but make you money in your field. Get the first impressions you desire with a custom-tailored Lara Grauer Photography photoshoot. Networking your business is key no matter how far in you are, so make sure to get the best quality headshots for when you put your business out there.

Committed to COVID safety

Lara Grauer Photography understands the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic and is following – and surpassing – prescribed guidelines. The business offers outstanding outdoor photography and on-location photo sessions, as well as professional studio headshot photoshoots for when an indoor look is needed. Furniture and studio props have been modified so they can be thoroughly disinfected, and substantial airflow is a high priority so that maximum safety is assured.

Everything you need to know about Lara Grauer as a person

To really understand a business, you must truly understand the layers that make up the base of that business. Starting as a photographer at a very young age, this prodigy has worked for over 22 years on taking professional-grade pictures that have made an impact on various types of Seattle businesses. During her career, Lara has taken photos of actors, attorneys, executives, and even portraits for social media platforms and dating profiles.


Saying you’re skilled is one thing, but one cannot really prove something until they have the legal documents for it. Lara is crowned as a Certified Professional Photographer as her Seattle headshots have impressed even the judging community who was responsible for giving her the certification.
Lara is also a member of PPA: Professional Photographers of America and PPW: Professional Photographers of Washington. Being part of these communities as well as being recognized as an expert Seattle headshot photographer is a strong sign of the professional commitment Lara makes to her clients.