young boy in brown shirt and glasses with his sister in a pink shirt

Unsung Seattle Day Trips

Time together with family and friends is precious, especially during our warm summer days when daylight hours stretch far into the night. When out-of-town guests arrive, we happily show off the Pike Place Market, Seattle Center and the Space Needle, the Seattle Waterfront and other quintessential (and awesome) attractions. Yet…

There’s so much more to explore with friends and with kids, who continuously ask for “something to do” while on summer vacation.

Try some of these places for your next excursion. I’ve enjoyed all of them!

  1. Log Boom Park (Kenmore). A beautiful park with a beach on Lake Washington. The park was recently updated. It’s a nice change from the usual Puget Sound beaches.
  2. Edmonds Underwater Park (Edmonds). Go scuba diving and see the sunken boats and other structures that the City maintains! Or just watch the divers go in and out of the water…there’s a land-lubber park there, too. There are many restaurants nearby, and if you’re in the mood for a boat ride, you can walk onto the ferry, have some crepes in Kingston, and head back to Edmonds for a fun day out.
  3. Archie McPhee (Wallingford, Seattle). No matter how many times you go, it never gets old! They have so many quirky things to see. When you’re done there, head down the street to Seattle Meowtropolitan Cat Cafe where there’s coffee, treats, and cats to snuggle!
  4. Seattle’s Central Library (Downtown Seattle). Tour the unique building for its architectural fame (and the 4th floor red hall), then curl up with a book and soak up the views. There are often events for children and families, so check ahead. 
  5. Ice Box Arcade (Fremont, Seattle). Who doesn’t like pinball? This place is all ages until 8pm, so you can even bring the kids. Food is welcome from outside vendors, so you can make your outing complete – bring your own or order in at the arcade!
  6. Magnuson Park (Seattle). Check out the fin art display, walk around the big and beautiful grounds of the park, and finish up with a meal at nearby Magnuson Brewery. The food is comforting and delicious, including a kids menu, they’ve got a good beer selection and the outdoor seating has a fabulous view of Lake Washington. 
  7. Shoreline Historical Museum (Shoreline). A teeny-tiny museum that explores the history of King County from 85th Street, north. There are fun relics from the days of Playland (a grand amusement park), and photos of the area from back in the gold rush days. After the blast-from-the-past you can head west and go bowling at Spin Alley or spend some time outside at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park.
  8. Dunn Gardens (Broadview, Seattle). A hidden gem in the middle of a residential area on the north end.
  9. Truck-Eating Bridge (Kirkland). This low clearance pedestrian overpass is famous for frequent confrontations with trucks passing through town. Who knew? After you safely drive under, take the kids to any number of parks and eateries around downtown Kirkland.
  10. Center of the Universe (Fremont, Seattle). Fremont is the center of the universe and there’s a sign to prove it! Once you wrap up your minute or two checking out the sign, there’s loads to do in the neighborhood. There’s Theo’s Chocolate Factory, the Fremont  Troll under a freeway overpass, a statue of Lenin, and the Cold War rocket. What’s not to love?

Wishing you lots of great summer adventures!