five separate photos of tree leaves under a green bridge

Creativity And Original Ideas

There are no original ideas. Really. None. I was walking through my kids’ school, and looking at the student artwork on the wall. There was a piece that caught my eye. It was different from the crowd and really pretty. The student had done a beautiful painting of white flowers with a blue and red background, but s/he didn’t stop there. Next, the painting was cut into 4 strips, and strategically attached to a larger piece of paper – red, to match the red in the painting. It’s a really nice design, and I’m drawn to it every time I walk by.

So, like any good artist, I decided to borrow the idea. I came home and found a recent photo from my walk with Sharon that reminded me of the pretty flowers in the painting. After some cutting & rearranging, this is what I came up with. A nice, original piece, full of many borrowed ideas.


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