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Fine art photography is photography intentionally created in the vision of artist as photographer. It’s wonderfully subjective. I see something and I want to capture what I see straight from the heart. So let the photograph speak for itself. It’s about creating something that maybe can’t actually be seen in real life. There can most certainly be wedding photos or pet photos that we can call fine art photography. But a photographer cannot mix fine art into their everyday style without crafting their own voice, their own vision, on their own.

I realize this is some heady stuff I’m talking about here.

Without further hand-waving, here’s a selection of posts about the subjective side of photography. But hey, if you’ve got a vision for a piece of photographic art and a spot to hang it in, we’d love to help you out. Get in touch right away and let’s talk about your project.

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  • man in black suit in front of black wall with text saying why choose studio portraits vs environmental portraits.

    Studio Portraits Vs Environmental Portrait Photography

    An environmental portrait is a portrait executed in the subject’s usual environment such as in their home or workplace. A typical environmental portrait simply will illuminate a subject’s life and surroundings. A studio portrait is a portrait which will focus less on surroundings and more on the individual by using sterile backdrops and props so…

  • gray camera toy against a fuzzy white background

    Art in your inbox – February Edition

    I’ve been looking forward to sharing some art with you this month, and today is the day! A few months ago, I joined an online group called The Creative Sandbox. It’s run by a woman named Melissa Dinwiddie. She’s an awesomely vibrant spirit with a contagious enthusiasm for creativity and quality of life. She sells…

  • brick building outside at night with wires going across

    Art in your inbox – January Edition

    Earlier in January, I flew to Atlanta, Georgia for the annual Imaging USA professional photographers’ conference. I spent the majority of my time meeting new people and learning from the best. However, I did bring my camera, and the view from my hotel window was pretty cool. I found some time to prepare a few…

  • water droplet splash in front of a red background

    Water Photographs

    I’ve been wanting to try photographing dripping water, and I finally did it. It’s just one of those things that I’ve seen here and there that I’ve always thought would be fun to try, like photographing a bullet shooting through an apple or a watermelon. Photographing water dripping is a lot safer, and easier. There…

  • five separate photos of tree leaves under a green bridge

    Creativity And Original Ideas

    There are no original ideas. Really. None. I was walking through my kids’ school, and looking at the student artwork on the wall. There was a piece that caught my eye. It was different from the crowd and really pretty. The student had done a beautiful painting of white flowers with a blue and red…