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Hiring for Traits Over Skills

Great teams are made of people with complimentary traits. Things like creativity & big-picture thinking are embedded in someone’s personality and values. Skills, on the other hand (while important), can be taught to someone who wants to learn.

​Managers are catching on, and these days I hear a lot about hiring for traits over skills. Know what that means? Your headshots are more important now than ever. Here’s why…

When employers are on the hunt for new teammates, they’re searching for people who fill in the gaps for their team. Obviously, you should appear friendly in your headshots. Nobody wants to work with a grumpy-pants! But you’re more than just a friendly face, and employers want a glimpse into something more. Great headshots speak to who you are.

Do you value tidiness & organization? Wrinkle-free clothes and careful hair & makeup will communicate that part of you. Rest assured – we have a steamer in the studio to make sure your clothes look just right. 

Are you a free-spirit who thrives on creativity? A whimsical dress plus flowing, wavy hair might be just the touch to carry that message through. 

Maybe you’re strong-willed, and determined to follow your gut, no matter what anyone thinks. This can be just the trait they’re looking for – and in that case, your unconventional business attire (a blazer over a simple tee-shirt, perhaps?) can acknowledge your “I-don’t-care” side while showing that you’re willing to play the game. 

The point is, you need to make sure that your headshots convey what matters. Our fun and efficient three-step photography process gives you a chance to make those important decisions. You’ll end up with photos that tell your story, in a way that matters to people who might choose you. Get in touch with me for more info!