woman in 50s themed attire looking down

Meet Tracey, our January Model of the Month

When Tracey applied to be a part of the Lara Grauer Photography Model of the Month program, I was thrilled! 

Tracey is a local business owner in Lynnwood, Washington. Her co-working space, InSpark, is a place where people come to work when there are too many distractions at home – or when they want to connect or be inspired by other members. Tracey works hard to create a robust community at InSpark, and it shows.

In 2019, Tracey was diagnosed with breast cancer, and was in treatment at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. She had a business to nurture during a tough time for businesses, a body to nourish with love and care, and a spirit to uphold in a time when hugs from friends were off-limits. She came through treatment and shortly afterwards, the Model of the Month program was born! What a fantastic way to celebrate the strength and perseverance Tracey showed us all during 2020! I was excited for the chance to do that with her.

I told Tracey that I was thinking about doing a 50’s-themed photoshoot, and she immediately said, “Oh, like Mrs. Maisel – I love her clothes!” With that, I knew we were onto something good. 

Tracey always portrays a sense of joy and confidence, and her bravery throughout her cancer treatment was inspiring to see. Even through it all, she stayed true for her family, she maintained connection with her community, and made sure she went to work regularly. I know it’s not just me who is inspired by Tracey’s example because she even won the Business Owner of the Year award from Alignable this year! Congrats, Tracey!

If you would like to be a part of the 2021 Model of the Month program, I’m still accepting applications! You might be selected for a chance to be a little daring with me and explore the a new and different side of yourself! Our model of the month receives a full session complete with professional hair & makeup styling, unique wardrobe selection, and a fantastic (and safe) experience. Click here to complete your Model of the Month application.