Photo Of A Dachshund Peeking Out Of Blankets

Here’s a fan favorite photograph of a dapple dachshund playfully peeking out of a giant pile of blankets during a calendar photoshoot that we did a few years back. This was an older gentleman pooch who was at first a little concerned about myself and the strange camera in the room, but calmed down quite a bit once we wrapped him up in his favorite blanket.

I find those giant brown and white dappled wiener dog ears completely adorable. Those big round brown eyes and that unbelievably calm look say, “Yeah? So?”

Wrapping an anxious dog in a blanket creates gentle, constant cuddly pressure around a dog, relieving fear and lessening stress, like a long and very snuggly hug. Luckily for photographers, it often results in really cute, calm dogs peeking out of blankets.

Location: South Lake Union, Seattle, WA

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