Puppy Photo Of Lisa Lulu In A Wooden Bucket

Here’s a puppy photo of Miss Lisa Lulu outside in her yard, sitting inside of a wooden bucket, peeking over the rim. Lisa Lulu is a very small mixed pooch lovingly adopted from a shelter. Her coloring is mostly black with white patches and banding, with some streaks of brown.

This was an on-location session at the client’s residence shot using natural light on a mostly overcast day. Miss Lisa Lulu was very much at ease and cooperative for the duration of her session.

If our memory serves correctly, Lulu’s mom was dropped off at a friend’s veterinary office when she was pregnant with Lulu and her litter mates, and adopted by a mutual friend in our community.

We still keep in touch with Lisa Lulu’s adventures via her owner’s Facebook pages. She enjoys walks on the beach, rides in the baby bjorn, and jumping onto the warm spot of her owner’s recliner when he gets up to get her a treat. She’s always on someone’s lap, napping on a couch, or in someone’s arms getting lots of cuddles.

Location: Shoreline, WA

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