Portrait Of Calvin The Italian Greyhound

Meet Calvin, A.K.A. “Calvin The Superdog,” the blue Italian Greyhound. Giant brown eyes, gray and white coloring, and adorable front-folded ears portray the energy radiating from this older family companion.

Calvin’s parents got in touch with us through their family vet. He was over eleven years old and struggling with a host of assorted older dog health problems. Getting old only happens to the best of us, and it’s not for wimps.

But Calvin was certainly no wimp. Known to his family and friends as “Calvin The Superdog,” this spirited greyhound went everywhere with his family – to the store, the park, road trips, hikes, you name it, Calvin was there. As he got older and couldn’t keep up quite as well anymore, it didn’t feel right to leave him behind by himself. So his family modified a baby backpack to keep him on the go, to keep up appearances. Now that’s love.

Location: South Lake Union, Seattle, WA

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