Photo Of A Golden-Eyed Bicolor Cat

A golden-eyed cat with mask and mantle bicolor, mostly white with black/gray markings on the head, back, and tail. This rescue/shelter cat was photographed at Emerald City Pet Rescue in the Sodo neighborhood of Seattle, WA.

This image was part of a series of works that I submitted for judging as part of the process of becoming a Certified Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers of America. This is an example of a high key image. A high key image refers to a light colored subject on a light colored background. The lighting needs to be flat enough to maintain the light color of the overall image, but directional enough to create a sense of depth, shape, and texture through shadow.

I only got to spend about five minutes with him. He didn’t want to have much to do with me or with anyone else at the shelter. But it was ok because I knew I’d nailed the shot.

Another rescue cat photo of a sweet creature in a difficult situation. It breaks my heart when we don’t know their names. But when we photograph these down on their luck animals, capturing them at their best, we believe we’re giving them the very best chance at finding a good home.

Location: Seattle, WA

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