Portrait Of A Black Lab Retriever With Blue Scarf

I don’t think I’ll ever forget this session. It was an on location, in-home photoshoot in late July during an especially long summer heatwave. We were producing a privately-commissioned calendar featuring Ace, a charming black laborador retriever. As is the case with almost every home in the area, there was no air conditioning. Boy howdy, was it ever hot.

We brought along our portable studio and setup for studio style shots in our client’s living room, and since we were shooting for a calendar, we had a considerable shot list with many different looks that we had to work through in stifling heat. But with all the gear and lights in his living room, and with all the heat, Ace stayed calm like a pro and kept his cool.

And out of many darned good images, we captured this gem, not of a dog or a lab, but of a soul. Of radiating calm and wisdom. His yellow eye. His relaxed countenance. Ace’s carefree ease and assured place in the universe. That excellent blue scarf. Not just a dog, but something more, something timeless.

Location: Shoreline, WA

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