Portrait Of A Blue Point Applehead Siamese

A portrait of a blue point applehead Siamese cat. She has vivid black edging on her ears, white and black fur whose black tends slightly to gray and a tiny black nose. But what simply cannot be overlooked are her stunning, piercing blue eyes, eyes like bright vivid diamonds. She’s got me fixed in her gaze, not totally trusting, not totally relaxed, but gently, confidently fixed.

Ah, this one. A rescue cat, living a little too long at a shelter. A perfectly amicable creature, not too fat, not too thin, healthy in all respects save for one – a run of bad luck that wound up leaving her abandoned and in search of a home. Sometimes it’s neglect, other times it’s abuse. In this one’s case it’s previous owners had their own run of bad luck and were forced to relocate to a home that simply didn’t allow cats. Just bad luck. Just gotta get through it.

In many cases, the only thing standing between a shelter cat and a good home is a good set of photographs. Often these cats come into the shelter, someone takes a few snapshots on their phone, the images go up on the website, and everyone crosses their fingers. Suddenly months pass and a perfectly fine pet hasn’t been adopted, simply because the photos on the website don’t do it justice.

That’s where we come in. We’ve photographed dozens of shelter animals over the years, helping them to shine their light and find their forever homes and families, giving perfectly good companion pets another chance at a better life.

Location: Seattle, WA

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