woman with brown hair doing make up for a man with short hair and black shirt

Seattle Portrait – Makeup For Men

Yes, you read that right! Makeup is for men too! Do you know all the movie stars, models, and news anchors wear it? It’s not for vanity’s sake – it improves the production value! Male or female matters not. When you want to be camera-ready, professional hair and makeup styling is an essential step to make you look rested and healthy. 

When you come in for your photo shoot, hair & makeup artistry will be part of your experience. A lot of guys tell me this sounds strange and unnecessary, but I know from years in photography that when a person wears makeup in a portrait, they are happier with the result, and the cost is less because the level of necessary retouching work is significantly reduced.

Even if you’ve never worn makeup before, and you never plan to wear makeup again. You’ll love how your “no makeup” makeup looks in your photos. Check this out.